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The Minnesota Society of Anesthesiologists (MSA) is a physician organization committed to patient safety, educational advancement, and best possible anesthesia care. As a statewide organization of anesthesiologists, it serves patients, the public, lawmakers, physicians and other professionals by defining and advancing the standard of anesthesia care and supporting the practice of anesthesiology in the state of Minnesota.

The MSA serves as a forum of ideas for its doctors as well as other professionals. Along with a schedule of continuing education programs for its members, the MSA provides representatives to the governor, individual legislators, and both the House and the Senate of Minnesota. The MSA participates in national and state “government days.” It also provides educational speakers for schools and other medical specialties. The members provide legal evaluations on an individual basis.

Our Purpose

The purpose of our Society is to...

  • Associate and affiliate into one organization all of the reputable doctors of medicine in the State of Minnesota who are engaged in the practice of or otherwise especially interested in anesthesiology.
  • Encourage specialization in this field and in other ways to make available to more people the benefits to be derived from the services of qualified anesthesiologists.
  • Raise the standards of the specialty by fostering and encouraging research and scientific progress in anesthesiology.
  • Disseminate information in regard to anesthesiology.
  • Protect the public against irresponsible and unqualified providers of anesthesia services.
  • Safeguard the interests of its members.
  • In all ways, develop and further the specialty of anesthesiology for the general elevation of the standards of medical practice.

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